Learn About Palmer Guitars and Your Palmer Guitar

Did you find a good deal on a Palmer electric, acoustic, or bass guitar? Now you want to know more about them? We own Palmer, Schecter, Jackson, Washburn and others. We test guitars and review them. Your Palmer guitar might be featured here or in our slide show.

Palmers have a good low action and quality sound. Setups are good from the factory. Maintenance after the sale can be performed by your local music shop. Our Curly Maple has tone pro style tuners which are easy to tune. Our solid alder Palmer four string bass guitar is light which is a feature after being on stage for a while. Jacks for instrument cables are on the front of many models. Our Palmers stay in tune.

Palmer guitars, or even a Bridgecraft or Ernie Ball Music Man will sound equally bad if you play it through a poor amplifier. We test our bass guitars with a 400 watt stage quality bass amp, while others are played though full range professional quality amplifiers. Our experiences have been great and yours can differ. Let's feature some Palmer products. (Palmer guitars are not manufactured by Palmer Audio Products which makes effects pedals, or palmergear.com)

Stunning full 2 octave six string Palmer guitar with gold hardware

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